New Projects for a New Year

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I’ve never been one to make a list of resolutions each January 1 … well, maybe mentally, but never in writing.  Mostly because, by January 3, I’ve already failed at them all.

Now, when it comes to something quilt-related, that’s a whole different bag of beans.  It’s always fun to see all of the new quilty projects and programs that are available for our pleasure in January.  There’s so much available to keep our fingers and machines busy!  I want to do them all!  But this year I decided to pick just a few, all in different quilting genres.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with them! 

Over the next few days, I’ll feature some of the awesome projects available on the net this year.  I hope you’ll join me!

Sew Scraps Along …

Sew Scraps Along at Pleasant Home

If there is one thing quilters have, its scraps … lots and lots of scraps … in every color of the rainbow.  Little scraps, big scraps, square scraps, rectangular scraps, triangular scraps, odd-shaped scraps.  We save them because we just “know” that SOMEDAY we’ll need them for SOMETHING.  Well, that SOMEDAY is today and that SOMETHING is this …

Jodi at Pleasant Home is hosting an awesome month-long program called “Sew Scraps Along” filled with lots of ideas, fun & giveaways!  Each day of the week brings something special …

  • Monday … A quilty-sewy blogger is featured in her “Needle Little Inspiration” post.
  • Tuesday … Jodi will feature another blogging friend and one of their Simply Awesome Scrappy Tutorials.  This is an awesome way to get new ideas to use up our scraps.
  • Wednesday … Jodi’s Sew Picture Perfect post will feature all things Scrappy.
  • Thursday … Another tutorial for making a fun scrappy project.
  • Friday … Last, but definitely not least, Scrap-talk … how to organize your scraps, what colors to use, what qualifies as a scrappy quilt, etc. 
  • Saturday … a few more of Jodi’s blogging friends will pop in.

And, yes, there will be giveaways, lots of them, and even a GRAND PRIZE giveaway from Pleasant Home and her sponsors!  

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Pleasant Home, follow her blog, follow her on Facebook, follow her on Pinterest.  And not just because her “Sew Scraps Along” program is awesome, but because Pleasant Home is a must-have blog to have on your list.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another installment of “New Projects for a New Year!”

Holiday Baking …

Friday, December 23, 2011

100 lbs. Flour … P
50 lbs. Sugar … P
30 sticks Butter … P
3 gallons Vanilla Extract … P
5 dozen Eggs … P
1 box Baking Soda … P
1 bottle Cream of Tartar … P
1 cup of Salt … P
25 lbs. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips … P
10 lbs. Andes Creme-de-Menthe Baking Chips … P
5 cans Condensed Milk … P
A bunch of bowls … P
A couple of handfuls of spatulas … P
1 Electric Mixer … P
4 Cookie Sheets … P
Parchment Paper … P
Cooling Racks … P
Wax Paper … P
Lots of cute packaging materials … P

Whew!  And I thought Christmas presents were expensive!  The amounts are definitely an over-exaggeration, but golly-geesh, holiday baking takes a lot of stuff! 

It’s been a few years since we’ve embarked on this holiday tradition, and I hadn’t realized how much I missed it.  We started out slow … two cookies and some fudge … all recipes found in Blogland and Pinterest.

Of all my children, only one has taken an interest in anything “kitchen.”  They all love the food that comes from it, but our youngest is usually right in the middle of helping to prepare it … and the messier, the better!

Allow me to introduce you to “Little “P,” as his school-friends affectionately call him.  He just turned 12 and loves to help me in the kitchen. 

Little P In the Kitchen

There are many years that I’ve attempted to make fudge. 
It never, ever worked. 
Until this year. 

One of my favorite blogs is V & Co.   Vanessa always brings a smile to my face when I read about their down-to-earth craziness.  She also has great tutorials, and every now and then, a great recipe.  Last week she posted this …

V & Co. 3 Minute 3 Ingredient Mint Fudge

How could I resist! … super-dee-duper easy.
Like wham … bam … done.
I sprinkled some crushed cane pieces on top to add a festive touch.
Sinfully delicious.
Click on her picture above for the recipe.

3 Minute 3 Ingredient Mint Fudge 

We also made two different cookies …

Dropped Cracked Sugar Cookies

Dropped Cracked Sugar Cookiesrecipe from

My dear friend Jennifer from Sugar Pink Boutique sent me this recipe.  They came out really moist and chewy and are delicious!  I added the red sugar and the rainbow non-pareils for a festive touch.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookiesrecipe from Mother Thyme

These are to.die.for.  We can’t stop eating them!  Jennifer blogs over at Mother Thyme and has a ton of fantastic recipes.  I’ll definitely be trying some more of her recipes soon.

So … did you do any holiday baking this year?

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In the Beginning ...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome! I am so excited to start my new blog!

I'm looking forward to having a special place to share everything I'm passionate about ... life, family, inspiration, adventure, quilting, crafting, and fun!

I look forward to getting to know each and every one who passes this way ...